Become an Allied Member of the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association

Industry-related, non-dealer businesses are invited to join CADA. Eligible members include any person, partnership, trust, firm, association or corporation interested in promoting the welfare of the automotive industry. Relevant types of products and services include those businesses that are allied with the motor vehicle industry but are not eligible for Dealer membership. Allied membership applications are subject to approval.

CADA Allied Member Benefits

Allied members choose to pay annual dues to become a member of the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association and support the organization and automobile industry. Allied membership does not mean an endorsement by CADA or its representatives.

Dues are $580 for 2023. If a company joins during the year, membership will be prorated, based on that date, then annually after the first year.


Education Services

  • CADA’s dealer membership list, which is updated in February and is provided as an electronic PDF and/or in printed form. The list includes the dealership name, mailing address, main phone number and main fax. To comply with CADA’s privacy policy and CAN-SPAM laws, email addresses are not included.
  • Receive the Colorado Auto Outlook, which provides a compilation of car registration statistical data
  • Opportunity to attend any CADA trainings and seminars at dealer members’ prices. These events are a chance for Allied members to meet other industry players and dealership staff
  • Subscription to Above the Fold, CADA’s monthly e-newsletter, and the Bulletin. These publications contain important industry news information on specific dealership changes, accomplishments and noteworthy happenings, calendars of upcoming events and trainings, legal/regulatory developments, legislative updates and more!
  • Opportunity to submit informational articles related to Allied members’ products or services for consideration for inclusion in the monthly Bulletin publication

Advertising Services to New Car Dealers

  • Access to important industry and business services, including insurance services, forms and bonds, training, testing, compliance advice, and more!
  • Research, analysis and distribution of timely and consistent industry information and data through email and print publications and communications
  • Opportunity to advertise in the Bulletin, which is emailed to over 600 auto industry members every month

Event & Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Invitation to attend CADA membership events; some limited to CADA members only
  • Invitation to attend the Clear the Air Foundation’s Annual Golf Event
  • Invitation to join other Allied members at luncheon meetings with the CADA Board of Directors. Each Allied member is offered two to three minutes to introduce him or herself and the company, share products and service offerings and discuss how the company can serve new car dealers
  • Opportunity to participate in the Denver Auto Show Preview Gala, the Denver Auto Show’s exclusive opening night fundraising event, by attending and/or sponsoring the event
  • Invitation to join CADA’s annual Holiday Luncheon along with other Allied members, CADA staff and a limited number of CADA dealer members

How to Become an Allied Member


Step 1: Check if You Qualify to Become a CADA Allied Member

Before applying for membership, make sure you are eligible. CADA Allied Membership is available to businesses that are allied with the motor vehicle industry and are not eligible for Dealer membership.


Step 2: Fill Out Our Online Membership Application Below

Once you’ve determined your eligibility to become an allied member of CADA, fill out our online allied member application below.

Step 3: Become a Powerful Voice in the Auto Industry

Unlock the full potential of allied membership and discover your voice in the auto industry. Take advantage of exclusive benefits designed to help you make a powerful impact.

Become an Allied Member

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Disclaimer/Conditions: This application for Allied membership is subject to approval. Allied members may not use the CADA name in marketing efforts to provide any impression that CADA in any way endorses, promotes or is partnered with an Allied member. Allied members may not use the fact of their membership for advertising or solicitations addressed to members of the Association. Allied membership may be canceled at any time and for any reason, by resolution of the Board. By signing below you agree to these conditions.