Colorado Automobile Dealers Association State Regulatory Information

To successfully operate in the auto industry in Colorado, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the state regulatory structure that governs your operations. The Colorado Automobile Dealers Association is here to guide you through the regulatory landscape, ensuring compliance and contributing to your business success.

State Regulatory Structure

Motor vehicle dealers and salespersons in Colorado are primarily regulated by the Department of Revenue Auto Industry Division. This division oversees the licensing and supervision of motor vehicle dealers and their sales representatives. Additionally, the division investigates complaints filed by the public concerning motor vehicle dealers and sales representatives.

Other Colorado agencies that regulate motor vehicle dealers include:

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CADA’s Support in Navigating State Regulatory Requirements

CADA understands the importance of regulatory compliance and the challenges that auto dealers face in meeting state requirements. We actively engage with the Auto Industry Division and closely monitor the activities and decisions of the MVDB to ensure that our members are well-informed and represented.

Our commitment to supporting auto dealers in navigating state regulatory requirements is reflected in the following services:

  • Salesperson Testing: We provide the state licensing exam required for individuals to become licensed salespeople in the auto industry. Click here to learn more.
  • Dealer Bonds: Simplify your paperwork and streamline the process of obtaining essential bonds for your dealership. We supply dealers with new salesperson bonds and renewals, new dealer bonds, dealer bond renewals and title bonds. Click here to request a bond for your dealership.

By partnering with CADA, you can rely on our expertise to ensure compliance with state regulatory requirements and operate your dealership with confidence.

Join CADA today and benefit from our comprehensive resources, tailored support, and industry advocacy to thrive in the regulated auto industry of Colorado.