Colorado Automobile Dealers Association Legislative Advocacy

At the Colorado Auto Dealers Association (CADA), we are actively involved in advocating for the interests of automobile dealers across the state. Our mission is to create a level playing field and ensure the continued success of our dealer members. Through our involvement at every level of government, we work tirelessly to represent your concerns and protect your business.

Our Advocacy Efforts

CADA and the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) are actively involved in legislative matters, ensuring that your voice is heard and your concerns are addressed. We work diligently to protect dealer investments, prevent market manipulations, and preserve the workforce in the automotive field.


Representation at Every Level

We engage with government entities, at the municipal, state, and federal levels, to stay informed about policy changes and to advocate for legislation that benefits our dealer members. Through our joint industry efforts, we attempt to reserve a seat for the dealers at every table, staying in front of potential threats and preparing the dealer body for any battles on the horizon.


Policy Monitoring and Communication

CADA closely monitors rulemaking and policy changes that can impact the automotive industry. We keep you informed about these changes as soon as they occur, ensuring you have the latest information to make informed decisions for your dealership.

Participation in Stakeholder Meetings

CADA attends monthly meetings of the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board (MVDB) – Auto Industry Division. This panel oversees the licensing and regulation of Colorado’s retail motor vehicle industry. We actively participate in rulemaking stakeholder meetings, influencing regulatory rules that protect dealers from harm.

Office of the Attorney General

Our association works with the Office of the Attorney General to enforce the Uniform Code of Consumer Credit, which affects dealers that finance consumer credit. We provide guidance to dealers who are audited and help resolve any issues that may arise during the process.

Department of Revenue

CADA closely collaborates with the Motor Vehicle Titles and Registration Department within the Department of Revenue. We address issues related to county processes, tax questions, and home-rule city sales and use tax audits. Through educational seminars, we provide guidance to title clerks and help them navigate the complex requirements.

Consumer Complaints

CADA vets consumer complaints and tries to find negotiated business solutions between dealer and consumer before the complaints go to the Division. We have nearly a 75% success rate as an intermediary, preserving the Auto Industry Division’s resources and demonstrating effective self-governance to the state.

Get Involved

CADA encourages dealer members to get involved and play an active role in shaping the future industry in Colorado.

Legislative Policy Committee

Join our Legislative Policy Committee to help set CADA’s strategic approach to future legislative issues. Whether this is Employee Trip Reduction, Greenhouse Gas Reduction, Direct Sales Models, or the elimination of driving lanes, the LPC is the think tank that underpins CADA’s legislative battle plan. Members are not obligated to serve concurrently on the Board of Directors.

Our Committees and Groups

Board of Directors

Consider becoming a member of our esteemed Board of Directors. Whether a 3-year term as a district director, or a two-year term leading one of our standing or sub-committees, help CADA set and maintain the budget, execute annual events like the Denver Auto Show or Colorado Automotive Hall of Fame, and join us on our annual trip to Washington DC to meet with our Congressional Delegation and participate in the NADA Legislative Conference.

Meet Our Current Board

Find Your Representative

Did you know CADA assigns primary communications with state and federal representatives to dealers? Serve as a face of the organization to a Representative or Congressman from your hometown. CADA can help orchestrate meetings and tours of dealerships to introduce elected officials to your business and staff to help demonstrate how you are serving as a lynchpin in your community.