Colorado Auto Dealers Association Committees and Groups

At the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association (CADA), our committees and groups are dedicated to serving our members and addressing their needs. From influencing legislative policies to enhancing member services, these committees play a vital role in supporting our industry. Explore the following committees and groups to learn more.

Legislative Policy Committee

The Legislative Policy Committee (LPC) identifies and prioritizes legislative issues that could enhance or negatively affect dealer interests. The LPC evaluates and discusses each issue, then establishes policy and legislative recommendations to the CADA Board for approval.

The LPC is composed of CADA member dealers who are interested and willing to actively lead and participate at the Colorado state capitol to personally discuss issues of concern with their legislators. Committee members actively develop relationships with state legislators and other state-elected leaders. Together with the CADA lobbying team, the LPC promotes our legislative policies as constituents AND industry leaders.

Current Chair

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Member Services Committee

The Member Services Committee (MSC) helps to vet service providers who have joined CADA as allied members and have established a track record of collaborative success and who now wish to pursue an endorsement in their respective field. The MSC interviews applicants and decides which proposal best benefits the dealer body and Association, respectively.

Once the MSC endorses a provider, CADA will not advocate on behalf of any other provider in that field. If an endorsement is not working in a beneficial manner to dealers and service providers, the MSC may elect to discontinue the endorsement.

Current Chair

Jeremy Hamm
Solon Nissan – Pueblo, CO

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CADA Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is a five-member panel consisting of elected officers of CADA. These are the immediate past chair, chair, vice chair, secretary, and treasurer. This committee acts on behalf of the CADA Board when it is not in session, ensuring ongoing decision-making and leadership. The Executive Committee holds all the rights, powers, duties, and obligations of the Board, guiding the association toward its goals.

Current Chair

Carol Spradley
Spradley Auto Network

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Member Golf Committee

The Member Golf Committee organizes the annual golf tournament to benefit the Clear the Air Foundation and helps support students pursuing a career in automotive technologies by directing proceeds from the golf tournament to fund scholarships.

By partnering with this committee, you join hands with a group of individuals devoted to making a positive impact on our community and the environment.

Current Chair

Danny Madigan
AutoNation Chrysler Jeep Broadway

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Annual Convention Event Committee

CADA’s Annual Convention Event Committee plans and oversees the association’s annual convention. This committee works closely with CADA staff, industry experts, and partners to create an engaging and informative convention experience for attendees. From selecting keynote speakers to organizing breakout sessions and social events, the Annual Convention Event Committee ensures a successful and valuable convention.

Current Chair

Ryan Watson
Audi Flatirons

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Denver Auto Show Committee

The Denver Auto Show Committee is comprised of dealer members and senior CADA staff. The committee meets twice a year in person — more often by phone conference — and discusses the big-picture view of the show and its related events, such as the Preview Gala.

From there, the eight- to 15-member committee makes recommendations to CADA staff and the Board of Directors and oversees that 10,000-foot-view of the event.

Current Chair

Eric Beutz
Mike Maroone Automotive

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Advisory Council for the Clear the Air Foundation

The Advisory Council for the Clear the Air Foundation is comprised of industry leaders who provide strategic guidance, input, and support to further the foundation’s mission. The Clear the Air Foundation, launched by the Board of Directors for the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association in 2007, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to removing high-polluting vehicles from Colorado roads. Proceeds from vehicle recycling fund scholarships for students pursuing an automotive technician career.

Current Chair

Mark Zeigler
Director, Clear the Air Foundation

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Get Involved in a CADA Committee

You are encouraged to participate in these committees and groups to have a voice in shaping the future of the automotive industry in Colorado. By joining these committees, you can contribute your expertise and insights, network with industry professionals, and make a positive impact on the association and its members.

For more information on how to get involved or join a specific committee, please contact Matthew Groves.