Colorado Automobile Dealers Association Consumer Complaint Form

If you have a complaint regarding a dealership transaction with a franchised new car dealership, you can submit a consumer complaint to the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association. Please fill out the CADA consumer complaint form below to initiate our mediation process for a timely and positive resolution.

Consumer Complaint Form

Please complete this form for all New Car Franchise Dealership and/or Dealership Transaction complaints.

CADA is not a state regulatory department or an independent entity for consumer complaints. As such, we are not authorized to provide legal advice. However, we do play a role in fostering communications and providing general information to consumers.

As a dealer association, we must avoid putting ourselves into the middle of specific disputes between consumers and local dealerships other than to attempt to foster communication that will lead to a timely and positive resolution.

Most disputes tend to happen because of miscommunication. We encourage all consumers to attempt to reach higher levels of dealership management who may have the ability and authority to resolve an issue or dispute accordingly before submitting a formal complaint.

If you would like to contact us about a specific complaint, please complete the form below.

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Describe in detail what has happened to date with the dealership / transaction.