Devin Saunders

Originating from Rockford, Illinois, Devin joins CADA as the first-ever Bill Barrow Government Affairs Fellow. This fellowship empowers Devin to delve into policy research, particularly during the legislative session, ensuring CADA’s voice resonates on issues crucial to Colorado’s vibrant automotive industry.

Devin’s passion for public service and community engagement ignited on the Denver City Council, where he spearheaded community outreach initiatives and meticulously helped to craft legislative policy. This foundation was further solidified through his service on the Boulder City Council and subsequent work within their Planning Department.

Devin’s role as Director of Operations for a local business association in Denver grants him firsthand insight into the unique challenges and opportunities facing Colorado businesses. This invaluable perspective informs his approach to policy research and advocacy, ensuring CADA’s efforts are grounded in the realities of the industry and its impact on local communities.

In his free time, you can find Devin working out, hanging out with his pups, “Nellie & Frank”, and exploring all the great things Denver and the State have to offer.