man smiling, wearing a suit and tie

Caitlin Ming

Director of Insurance Services

Meet Caitlin Ming, the Director of Insurance Services at CADA. With precision and expertise, Caitlin manages all aspects of our insurance operations, ensuring smooth workflows and top-notch service delivery. Members can trust in Caitlin’s dedication to excellence, making their bonding experience efficient and hassle-free.

A Denver native, Caitlin stayed close to home for college and attended Colorado State University, where she studied Fine Art. After college, she fell into retail, where she nurtured a decade-long career in retail leadership.

Caitlin pursues her creative interests in her free time. Although she primarily focuses on ceramics and fiber arts, she’ll try any craft once. She also enjoys reading, playing games, and watching 90’s movies. She’s always accepting recommendations for her list of must-see 90’s movies!