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Colorado Automobile
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> Introduction

The Colorado Automobile Dealers Association is an industry trade association that represents 260 new car and truck dealers throughout the state. Part of our mission includes a concern for Colorado's driving public and ensuring motor vehicle purchasers are well-served in Colorado.

In this capacity, we periodically receive calls from consumers who want to further understand their rights under the laws or who may have a disagreement with a CADA dealer-member. We assist to the extent possible, but want to ensure that all consumers understand our limitations in this regard.

In the interest of full disclosure, we are not a state regulatory department, and not an independent entity for consumer complaints. However, fostering communications and providing general information is a role will we can and do undertake as staff time permits. We must avoid putting ourselves into the middle of specific disputes between consumer and our members, other than to attempt to foster communications. We are not authorized to and cannot provide legal advice. To assist consumers, we have provided various links in this section to some of the key sources of motor vehicle laws and related consumer information.

Most disputes tend to result because of miscommunications. We encourage all consumers to attempt to reach higher levels of dealership management who may have the authority to resolve any issue or dispute accordingly. Additionally, the links and information in this section should help consumers find information to further understand their rights, dealer obligations, as well as general information on car-buying and motor vehicles in general.