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> CADA Speakers' Bureau


CADA is available to provide local presentations covering auto industry issues to social, political, business, service and other local community organizations. We have a powerful, compelling and salient message that community leaders and private citizens need to hear. Even though we are in a down market in Colorado and nationally, the public's interest in new vehicles is strong due largely to new and emerging technologies, along with progress toward increased power-source options and greater fuel efficiencies.

Further, our creation of the Clear-The-Air Foundation enables us to move to a pro-active solution-oriented position by helping remove old, polluting clunkers from the roads - we want to begin sharing our plans and telling Coloradan about this exciting new organization.

Key topics available:

  • Automotive Technology Offers Consumer Choice, Cost-savings and Alternative Power
  • Congress and Colorado General Assembly - Review of recent legislative action and what it means to you, your business and Colorado's economy
  • Colorado's Small Business - Powering Colorado's economy with job creation and growth
  • Auto Fuel Source - Emerging options to include Flex-Fuel (E-85), Hybrids, Clean Diesel, Hydrogen, Plug-in Electric

On many auto industry topics, the public is receiving only part of the story through the mainstream press. CADA is here to help answer questions on topics the press is covering, including:

  • Congress is considering tougher than reasonable increases in CAFÉ (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards, while state-by-state legislators consider standards than are tougher than the national standards.
  • Colorado's General Assembly, just off a session that provided huge incentives for development of renewable energy, is now considering tougher carbon emission standards than Congress has enacted nationally.
  • Without doubt, fuel price increases are changing the way consumers purchase vehicles. But is the consumer informed of the fundamental changes in technology and diverse fuel and power sources the automotive industry has already developed? Consumers, as they have done in every previous energy cost acceleration scenario, are moving toward industry-provided alternatives. Yet, the choices for consumers could become dramatically limited if Congress or the Colorado General Assembly overreach.

Over the past 10 years, Tim Jackson has been the featured speaker at more than 115 of Colorado's 130 Rotary Clubs, some of which he has provided the key-note address on as many as five different occasions. He has also served as featured speaker at many Kiwanis, Lions, and Sertoma clubs, as well as Chambers of Commerce and other business and professional groups.

To schedule local presentations, please contact Tim Jackson, CADA President, via e-mail at tim.jackson@colorado.auto or by calling 303.282.1448.