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Colorado Automobile
Dealers Association

290 East Speer Boulevard
Denver, CO 80203
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President Tim Jackson tim.jackson@colorado.auto 303.282.1448

Chief Operating Officer Marsha Temple marsha.temple@colorado.auto 303.457.5123

Vice President of Legal, Regulatory & Compliance Matthew Groves matthew.groves@colorado.auto 303.282.1449

CFO/Controller Rachelle A Rice rachelle.rice@colorado.auto 303.457.5120

Business Manager Khorrie Luther khorrie.luther@colorado.auto 303.457.5122

Director, Non-Dues Revenue and Sponsorships Polly Penna Polly.penna@colorado.auto Direct: 303.457.5119
Cell: 303.945.6426

Clear The Air Foundation
Program Director
George Billings george.billings@colorado.auto 303.775.8896

Employee Benefits Sales Manager Craig Gordon craig.gordon@colorado.auto 303.282.1457

Legislative Grassroots and Communications Manager Michelle O’Connor michelle.oconnor@colorado.auto 303.457.5113

Member Services Coordinator Katie Buchanan katie.buchanan@colorado.auto 303.457.5109
Member Services Coordinator Sidney Goulet sidney.goulet@colorado.auto 303.457.5117